If you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem.

"The spark of initiative. The courage to make your dream happen. The hard work to see it through.  There's only one strategy for growth we can have now and that is rolling up our sleeves and doing everything possible to make it easier for businesses to grow, to invest, to take people on.” – David Cameron

My sleeves have been rolled up for some time.  If I lived somewhere where the sun beats down all day then I’d probably have nice tanned arms.  Or more freckles to be precise.  It’s encouraging to hear the words from Mr Cameron at the weekend.  He’s right.  People do need to have courage.  People do need to work hard.  We all need to roll our sleeves up.  It doesn’t matter if you lean to the left or the right.  The advice that hard work, initiative and courage will serve you well is good advice.

I was interviewed by a Student of The University of The West of Scotland last week.  He was tasked with speaking to an Entrepreneur and find out what makes one tick.  Ever willing to help out a student in need I agreed to meet and discuss Woosh Entertainments and Identity Parade Arts Limited.  Do I consider myself an Entrepreneur?  Well, I’ve had a few ideas as to how to provide a service to people and how to make a reality of the idea.  But I’m very uneasy with the tag of Entrepreneur. 

After the interview I began to question if I was enterprising.  Do I have to invent a commodity to sell to be enterprising?  Is being able to play music in a stadium and read out a list of people about to kick or throw a ball about enterprising?  Is renting property to then rent out to creative people enterprising? Is booking a venue to hold a gig enterprising?  My conclusion is that if you can see a solution to a problem then you have identified an opportunity.  Taking the opportunity and developing it into a business takes courage.  Wait a minute, I was asking if I was enterprising here!  Not if I have courage. I guess I need to have a lot of characteristics to be in business.

I was asked to give one piece of advice at the end of the interview.  Having worked with many volunteers over the years I’ve been inspired by the success of the many that were prepared to roll up their sleeves and do something for nothing (or next to nothing).  The ones that wanted to be part of the solution. 

I’ve been meaning to review some music on here. 

However, rather than spout my opinion I’d rather just say investigate the fantastic album by Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin - "Haunted Bird"


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