Start all over.....

I've been meaning to do this for a while.  I find myself involved in a lot of interesting music and sports projects this year.  A lot that I'm really excited about and privileged to be part of.  2011 is the year. 

So, to start, I guess I'll justify this.  Well, this is my first foray into the world of Blogging.  I Tweet, I Facebook, I Text, I email, I don't use Bebo and I'm waving farewell to MySpace.  So, is this another site to update?  Another password to forget? 

Why do this when I can keep my ramblings to 140 Characters @keitheaston on Twitter?  I can say what I want to say publicly on Facebook.  Do people really want to hear more from me?  Well, best give it a try.  

I've got a reasonable amount to say about music, sport and what some often refer to as popular culture! 

So, I'll review the music I get sent.  I'll comment on the gigs I go to.  And I'll maybe have something to say about a sports event I've been to.  But, I will definitely keep you in the frame about all the new music being made by the likes of Alan R Davison and The Deadly Winters.   Oh, and the small matter of my Identity Parade Arts Limited project.

And there's an ulterior motive as well.  I've friends and family who I know would be much better at this than me.  This might just kick start them into action.  I may even host their works here (giving credit where credit is due).

So, until the next one.......


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