Albums of 2014

So, time for my top 10 albums of 2014.  

I've actually found this a more curious task than previous years. I have perused many Blogs and publications top albums of the year listings and must confess that I've not found myself being blown away by those topping the lists. So, I've stayed true to what I like and not jumped on any bandwagon.

Many of these albums have dropped into my inbox courtesy of Shoot Music Promotions, Renegade Music and GOAL!  As usual, it's quite a mix and I think reflects the range of music I have been playing at events across the country this year as well as what has been on in the car on many a long journey.

10.The Last Battle - Lay Your Burden Down

Top Track - You & Me

9. Lykke Li - I Never Learn

Top Track - Gunshot

8. Little Matador - Little Matador

Top Track - Stitch Yourself Up

7. Zoe Bestel - Sir Lucas and the Moon

Top Track - Winter Song

6. King Creosote - From Scotland With Love

Top Track - For One Night Only

5. Twin Atlantic - Great Divide

Top Track - Heart and Soul

4. Deacon Blue - A New House

Top Track - Wild

3. Kim Churchill - Silence/Win

2. Oracle Ruin - Skylight: Caroline's Tale

Top Track - Skylight Pt. 1

1.  Paul Thomas Saunders - Beautiful Desolation


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